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    Paint as healthy as it is beautiful.

    What is ROMABIO?

    ROMABIO, the world’s first Cradle-to-Cradle Certified paint, is among the healthiest, most beautiful, and durable paints available in the world today. ROMABIO paints are derived from natural sources, using minerals and sustainable resources. Backed by rigorous third party testing, ROMABIO has created an incredible product with aesthetic beauty and high durability.


    Breathe easy, there’s natural paint.

    ROMABIO paints contain no solvents and are zero VOC, low-odor, and harmless with no toxic emissions. This means they do not cause or aggravate asthma, do not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, do not cause cancer or affect immune systems, and are completely hypoallergenic.


    For everything life throws at you.

    ROMABIO paint’s high mineral content makes it as resilient as the frescoes found in ancient Rome, so you know it’ll last. Its high mineral content and natural high alkalinity means it’s naturally resistant to mold and fungal growth. Using earth oxide tints makes ROMABIO stable to UV rays and provides decades of endurance without color loss unlike acrylic paints, which can show significant fading over time.


    Paint rooted in nature.

    Unlike traditional latex paints, ROMABIO uses potassium silicate as its primary binder - a natural, raw material. Additionally, ROMABIO is shipped as a concentrate, reducing shipping costs and emissions by 40%. Because why ship water when you don’t have to?


    Only mother nature makes paint this beautiful.

    Because of dynamic color refraction due to the high mineral content, ROMABIO color palettes are more vibrant and beautiful providing more depth and light. And while ROMABIO has an array of different colors to choose from, TreeHouse paint experts can color match from any existing palette - making it the perfect choice for a single wall to a whole-home project.

    How it Works

    ROMABIO can be rolled, sprayed, or painted on like any traditional acrylic or latex paint. Because of its mineral-base, ROMABIO doesn’t create a sealed layer when dry but remains open. This allows any existing moisture on the surface to escape without bubbling or peeling paint.

    ROMABIO Lines of Paint


    Domus mineral paints feature superior coverage and high performance. The finishes are washable, durable, hypo-allergenic, oil and stain proof.


    Great for unpainted brick, stucco, masonry, MGO and cementitious board. High mineral content offers surface integrity, does not peel or flake, and has proven to last over 50 years.


    Universal primers for non absorptive masonry pre-painted with semi to high gloss surfaces, and required for Domus base colors.


    Designed to be manipulated, distressed and is ideal for antique wash finishes, and can be ideal for an opaque, 
non-chalking finish.

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