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Why home solar power?

Lower your bills.

No matter the size of your solar panel array, generating and owning your own power versus renting it from the city will reduce your electric bills. Over time your panels will pay for themselves giving you both energy independence and lower or no electric bills.

Add value to your home.

A recent study sponsored by the Department of Energy showed that buyers were willing to pay an average of $15,000 more for a home with a 3.6kW solar power array. In other words, on average, you’re adding $4 to your home’s value per watt of solar power. Similarly, the Texas Association of Realtors found that the average added value on a home with solar panels was over $14,000.

Decrease your footprint.

A medium solar array from TreeHouse, about 19 panels, can produce 5.13kW of power at any given point throughout the day. That means each day your solar panels would have the potential to produce enough electricity to power the average:

  • Refrigerator for 72 hours
  • Clothes dryer for 2 hours
  • Dishwasher for 16 hours
  • Water heater for 1.5 hours

Our Process

  1. Consultation

    Sign up for your free solar consultation with our Home Performance Consultants. We’ll answer any questions you have and show you the ins and outs of home solar power.

  2. Site Evaluation

    We will pull up satellite imagery of your home to evaluate your roof to determine what size solar package is the best fit for your home.

  3. Proposal

    We will create a proposal for your home solar package, and our Home Performance Consultants will walk you through every detail. Once we receive your approval, we will schedule our installer to come to your home to verify all details of the project.

  4. City Rebate Approved

    TreeHouse will take care of all necessary paperwork to ensure you qualify for the city-specific solar rebates where applicable.

  5. Materials Ordered

    The TreeHouse team will order all necessary parts and components for your home solar system. Once your materials have arrived, we will coordinate an installation date that works with your schedule.

  6. Installation

    Solar panel installation typically takes 1-3 days depending on the size of the solar package. After the panels have been installed, we will send a certified, Master Electrician to connect your panels to your home and the utility grid.

  7. Inspections

    Cities require multiple inspections on home solar power. At a minimum there will be one inspection to approve the electrical work and one to approve the panels were installed correctly to qualify for the rebate.

  8. Power Switched On

    Once your panels have passed inspection, it’s time to start generating your own clean energy.

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