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Why harvest rainwater?

Reduces treated water use.

It’s no secret that water is scarce in Central Texas. Using collected rainwater is both reliable and conserves this disappearing resource.

It’s better for plants.

Rainwater is better for plant and soil health than treated water. It is free of chlorine and salts and is slightly acidic, which is preferred by the microorganisms in the soil that help roots take in nutrients.

It protects your home.

Storing rainwater helps prevent excessive runoff that can remove healthy soil from your yard, and proper rainwater management can protect your foundation from being damaged by absorbing too much moisture.

How can TreeHouse help?

TreeHouse offers small-scale rainwater harvesting materials and installation services to reduce residential outdoor treated water use. TreeHouse does not offer rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation, sprinkler systems, or drinking water. These systems require a minimum of 3,000 – 5,000 gallons, a city permit and additional accessories not available at TreeHouse.

Uses for Harvested Rainwater:

Flower & Vegetable Gardening

The slight acidity of rainwater is better for plants and microorganisms in the soil. Rainwater also does not contain chlorine/chloramine and other contaminants that can hurt plants and soil health.

Pool & Pond Top-Off

Minimize your water bills during peak seasons by topping off your pool or pond with harvested rainwater.

Storm Run-Off and Drainage Control

Lower your risk of flooding by collecting rainfall.

What do you need to get started?


Rainwater Harvesting tanks are connected to gutter downspouts adjacent to the home. TreeHouse offers gutter system design and installation.

Level Ground

To allow for sufficient water flow, rainwater tanks should be installed on level ground across the full diameter of the tank.

Maintenance Accessories

A First Flush System is highly recommended to keep the rain tank clean and fully operational.

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