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  • Tesla Powerwall 2

A Complete Home Energy Solution

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What is Powerwall 2?

Powerwall is a home battery that allows you to use your solar produced power after the sun goes down, to serve as a backup battery when the grid goes down, and to achieve net-zero energy for your home. It’s the future of home energy.

Reasons to consider Powerwall 2

  1. You want to run your home on solar power as much as possible. Powerwall stores excess solar energy generated during the daytime to run your home at night.

  2. You want a back-up power source to avoid power outages in your home. Powerwall can be used for important devices that require a constant power supply like business or medical equipment.

Powerwall 2 is best suited for you if

  1. You own your home. Powerwall adds value to a home and comes with a 10-year warranty.

  2. You want to maximize the use of solar power. Powerwall can be installed in conjunction with a new solar array and inverter or can be retrofitted to an existing system.

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