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Why weatherize your home?


Insulating your attic and sealing your duct work and home will not only make your air conditioner run more efficiently and extend its life, it will save you money and make your home much more comfortable for years to come.


Did you know you could be cooling your attic? On average homes 10 years and older will have duct leakage of 27% or higher! Let us test and seal your duct system to save you energy and money today. Also, make sure your insulation levels are sufficient so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort and savings.


The air you breathe in your home may not be as clean as you think. Identifying and sealing air infiltration points such as plumbing penetrations, doors, and recessed lighting will significantly improve your indoor air quality.

What does TreeHouse offer?

TreeHouse uses the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic products to protect your home and interior from sunlight, precipitation, wind and other natural elements.

Attic Insulation

We use Knauf Eco Fill insulation in attics. This is a chemical-free, recycled white fiberglass product. The Department of Energy recommends an insulation level of 13 inches for Central Texas. We go beyond that, insulating to at least 16 inches to compensate for any settling and to ensure you will not have to add more in the future.

Duct Sealing

We seal all returns, a/c units, plenums, duct connections and supply registers with non-toxic, no-VOC duct sealant. Then, we test your duct system with a Duct Blaster to ensure duct leakage of 10% or less.

Air Infiltration

We will seal all plumbing penetrations under sinks, replace all door weather stripping, and seal your attic door and furnace closets. We then test your home’s tightness with a Blower Door to measure how many air changes per hour occur when your a/c is running. A healthy house will have a 30-40% air exchange per hour.

Our Process

  1. In-Home Consult

    A TreeHouse Home Performance Consultant will come to your home at your convenience to discuss any problems or discomfort you’re experiencing in your home. They will then perform an energy audit of your home to identify any problems with insulation, attic ventilation, ductwork, doors, and plumbing penetrations.

  2. Proposal

    We will map out a comprehensive plan to correct any inefficiencies we find in your home. We will build you a detailed estimate of next steps and cost.

  3. Installation

    Once the proposal is finalized, our team will schedule an installation date that works with your schedule. The TreeHouse weatherization team will come to your home to install what was mapped out in the proposal. A typical weatherization installation takes about 2-5 hours.

  4. Inspection

    A Treehouse manager will perform a quality control inspection to ensure everything looks good and you are satisfied with the work.

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