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Kährs Hardwood Flooring

Kährs has hundreds of styles of hardwood flooring to choose from, and they deal with both commercial and residential clients. All their products meet or exceed European Union and U.S. environmental standards. The wood floors also carry a raft of certifications that ensure health and sustainability, including the Swan Nordic EcoLabel. Getting the Swan stamp of approval means a product has been vetted through perhaps the world’s most stringent set of criteria, including both performance of the floor and how eco-friendly it is to manufacture.

Their products are finished with a solvent-free stain. Formaldehyde content is .008 parts per million, exceeding both the World Health Organization’s guidelines and the California Air Resources Board requirement.

To ensure high performance of their floors, Kährs invented a multi-layered engineered product that sandwiches a core of soft wood with two pieces of hardwood (usually oak, ash, or beech). The company is so confident in how their floors perform that they give at least a 25-year warranty on them. They act like solid hardwoods—they are incredibly dent resistant and because of a thick top layer homeowners can sand the floors up to two times to refinish them. But by lessening the hardwood component Kährs can be more sustainable in their forestry practices since hardwoods take much longer to grow.

Choices for flooring can be overwhelming, but when you choose Kährs flooring you’re making a healthy choice for the planet and for your home.

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