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Dekton Sintered Stone

Dekton is an original material created with exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology, a high tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. This unique process creates a slab material that is unparalleled in strength, versatility and durability. Stronger than granite, Dekton can be installed in thinner sheets, and extend longer unsupported for shelving and overhangs. Dekton is also non-porous meaning it never needs to be sealed, naturally standing up to moisture, it is also incredibly easy to clean.

Although it is a manufactured product, the makers have found the design possibilities to be endless, giving them the ability to create the unique look of precious natural stone, while giving all of the benefits of a manufatured product: no mining large slabs out of the earth, structural exactness consistency across the slab (no odd shapes or curves like with natural stone slabs), and color stability—guaranteeing your countertop will look like new long after installation.

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