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TreeHouse in the News

Sustainable Home Improvement company TreeHouse chooses Dallas, The Hill Shopping Center for next location

Texas retail startup TreeHouse has announced their expansion outside of Austin and the opening of their second location, which will be in Dallas at 8021 Walnut Hill, the new The Hill redevelopment. The Dallas location of Austin’s homegrown home improvement store, which will be designed by Lake|Flato Architects, is slated to open in early 2017.

Since opening their first location in South Austin in 2011, TreeHouse has become a leading retailer of innovative home products, materials, and technologies helping Austin create homes that are not only well designed, safe, and comfortable, but sustainable and high performing as well. TreeHouse uses a pioneering consultative model to work with homeowners on everything from flooring and kitchen design to rainwater harvesting and solar systems. This summer, the company closed its largest round of funding to date, which will help the company open additional locations.

“TreeHouse was born in Texas, and it is going to grow up in Texas,” says TreeHouse CEO and Co-founder Jason Ballard. “Dallas was an easy choice for the next location. Many of our investors and board members are based there. The Dallas community has been supporting us for four years, and now it’s our turn to give back. Many people have said to us ‘Sure TreeHouse works in Austin, but what about other places?’ We look forward to showing that quality, beauty, health, a good earth, and good homes are universal values.”

TreeHouse has built a solid reputation for working with the most innovative brands to bring exciting emerging technologies into the home improvement market. TreeHouse has been chosen as the first retailer for Tesla’s highly anticipated Powerwall home battery, and the store was the first retailer to sell products from Kentucky’s Big Ass Fans, Bole Flooring, Roma Bio Paint, and Soma Water Filters, among others. TreeHouse is also one of the best performing locations for Nest smart-home products.

About TreeHouse

Austin-based TreeHouse is a first-of-its-kind home improvement store. It specializes in curated products & services that promote healthy and sustainable spaces, with an emphasis on high performance and design. Not your standard big box retailer, TreeHouse has become a 25,000-square-foot hub for everything tied to thoughtful building. Customers come to find supplies and services that range from nontoxic paints & flooring to home solar systems.

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