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Smart Homes
Made Easy

Complete smart homes, installed & configured in one day.


The benefits of a connected home

A smart home is a thoughtful home that is safer, more comfortable and more secure. Managed through voice commands or your phone, connected devices such as a “learning” thermostat, an intelligent security system, and smoke alarms that speak, help you keep what’s important safe. Now you can get a Smart Home powered by Nest and installed with TreeHouse’s done-in-a-day service.

How it works


Design your smart home

Use our recommendation engine online or in a TreeHouse store. Tell us the size of your home, what you want your connected home to do, and we'll suggest products that are right for you - from there you can customize to your liking.

Schedule an appointment

Indicate your interests with a fully-refundable deposit, then choose a time for a TreeHouse Smart Home Consultant to visit your home.

Get in-home service

Our Consultant will arrive and survey your home to confirm your initial configuration is a good fit. We'll then install the products, set up your phones or tablets to manage everything, and still have time to teach you how to use the system.

The elements of a Smart Home





Everything is seamlessly
connected. It’s like putting
your home in your pocket.

With the Nest app you can manage your home’s systems from anywhere. Arm and disarm your security, program your air conditioner, and keep an eye on the family dog. If your alarm goes off, you get a security alert. Should the smoke alarm notice even a hint of vapor, your phone will let you know. With this app, you’re never far from home, even when you’re far from home.

We're teaming up to deliver the perfect connected home for you.

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