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The Dallas store is the world’s first energy-positive home improvement store. We proudly broke ground on June 22, 2016 and TreeHouse Dallas opened on June 2nd, 2017.

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Lake|Flato Architects designed the building with the principles of health and sustainability in mind. Drawing deeply from residential design language, we wanted to produce the antithesis of a common big-box store. At the start of the design process, we began by tracking the energy use of the Austin store, using that location as a guide to model the expected energy use of the new location. We then quantified how much electricity could be saved through the use of daylight, LED lighting, and heat load reduction tactics. On-site solar energy and Tesla battery storage systems were then designed to support the new store’s needs.

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The building was also designed around a large legacy oak tree that stands on the property, which presented challenges, but showcases our commitment to design integrated with nature.

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The design team at Lake|Flato worked to ensure these engineered strategies were fully intertwined with TreeHouse’s desire to make “the most beautiful store in the world.” In the resulting design, south-facing saw-tooth roofs are oriented to maximize the effectiveness of a giant rooftop solar array, while also providing an overhang for a deep front entry porch to welcome visitors. This notable building feature solved the need for extra space for solar panels, while also creating a larger shaded area for the comfort of customers. An additional benefit of this building strategy is the reduction of solar heat gain to an absolute minimum. North-facing clerestory windows bring daylight inside to allow minimal use of electric fixtures and to provide exceptional interior light quality. With this tactic, the store can run on daylight until sunset each day. On display at the center of the store is a “power core” where the Tesla Powerpack lives and works in full view, storing the rooftop solar array’s power for evening use and allowing the building to return excess renewable energy to the city’s grid.

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