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Why Battery Storage Matters?

Enough sunlight hits the Earth in one hour to power the entire world for over a year. With rooftop solar most of this power is stored during the day when we are not home to use it.

Home batteries allow us to store solar energy while it is shining to use it when we need it later.

The Best Home Batteries Available

What is Powerwall?

TreeHouse is the first retailer of the Tesla Powerwall in the world.

Derived from Tesla’s vehicle technology, the Tesla Powerwall home battery bridges the gap between when renewable energy is generated and and when it is needed. Powerwall can be installed inside or outside the home to store power produced by solar throughout the day to be used in the evening or as a backup in case the power goes out.

Tesla Energy provides the superior home energy storage solution on the market today. These home batteries are more efficient, better-looking, more reliable and more affordable than its competitors.

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