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Worry-Free Drinking Water: A Guide to Filtration

At our core, TreeHouse believes that all homes should be sustainable, beautiful, and healthy. The time and care we put into our dwellings can have major benefits for ourselves, our families, and the environment. For the next few weeks, Home School is focusing on ways to build a healthier, safer home so that you can enjoy your shelter with greater peace of mind.

It’s a simple but surprising truth: you are water. Your brain and heart are about 73% water. Your lungs, kidneys, and muscles are all 70-80% water. Even your bones are soggy, containing 30% water. Water is an essential part of what makes you…you, and a critical element in keeping you healthy.

By paying close attention to what is in the water we consume, we can keep harmful materials out of our bodies. Water from our tap systems often contains more than simple hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The water supply can also carry naturally occurring chemicals, like sulfate, and radioactive isotopes, such as radium and thorium, that can have adverse effects on your health. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — tap water also contains trihalomethanes, like chlorine, fluorine, and bromine, lead from older pipes, chloramines, bromate, and NDMA.

Intro To Carbon Filtration

The good news is that there are many great ways to get these harmful elements and chemicals out of our water. Today we’ll be breaking down some of our most popular filtering systems so that you can just drink the good stuff.

A majority of the water filtration products at TreeHouse utilize carbon filters to remove harmful chemicals from your drinking water. Carbon can take many forms and is extremely effective. Even small filters can eliminate an abundance of dangerous materials through absorption and neutralization. Plus, carbon filtration has a serious track record as a trusted health practice — Sanskrit medical texts from the 1st century BCE recommend filtering water through this method.


Berkey Kitchen Lifestyle

Berkey water systems are countertop water purification wonders. These filters are as durable as they are simple and effective. Large carbon filtration elements housed in a stainless steel upper chamber use gravity to filter water through to a larger lower stainless steel chamber. The tightly compressed columns of carbon absorb chemicals and bacteria to provide safe, deliciously, clean drinking water. Berkey filters are even able to remove food coloring from water.
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But what’s even more impressive is how long they last: each filter is built to purify 3,000 gallons of water — that’s 6,000 gallons total with a standard two filter system. For reference, your family probably drinks between 2 and 3 gallons of water a day. While we recommend you clean your Berkey inside and out every 3 months, the filters won’t have to be replaced for years. Not only is this a huge cost savings, but the ability to enjoy your water without having to look on the calendar each week for the filter expiration date brings major peace of mind.

Berkey comes in a range of sizes to meet your home’s unique needs. You can also add different filters to target particular chemicals or increase the flow of your system. All together, Berkey provides a meticulous water purification solution.



Soma water purifiers are beautifully designed, fit in your refrigerator, and filter quickly and effectively. Their innovative carbon filtration system use 60% renewable and plant-based materials derived from coconut shells and biodegradable starch-based polymers. Soma also supports organizations that bring clean water to parts of Central and South America, Africa, and South Asia.
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The Soma Carafe is the perfect small space solution, holding 48 ounces of water in a glass base. Quick assembly and cleanup make this a great no-mess-no-fuss way to drink clean and healthy water. For small families, Soma’s Pitcher holds 60 ounces in a light-weight, BPA-free pitcher. Soma’s aesthetic earns the organization some well-deserved attention, but that keen eye for detail filters down to their purification capabilities for a truly remarkable product.

Enviro Water

Enviro Water is a whole home solution that utilizes an advanced carbon filtering system that allows every faucet in your home to produce purified water. All your showers and sinks can all produce safe clean water for everyday use, which not only keep you healthy and safe, but can also reduce wear on your plumbing system. Envirowater’s system does not require extra electricity or additives and assists in reducing overall water waste in the home.

To filter for the whole home, Enviro Water provides 3 different filter components. First, the Pre-Filter removes large sediment. Next, the carbon filter provides one of the strongest chlorine and bacteria removal products available. Finally, the water conditioner softens the water with an advanced, salt-free system to keep calcium out of your pipes. By passing through these 3 stages, clean and fresh water can flow through your home.

TreeHouse’s project team can install Enviro Water’s system in your home, and its extensive warrantee and easy maintenance system means that you can rest easy. Filters can last up to 5 years without having to make any changes.

Wash It Down

A careful look at the water in our home is an effective way to increase our health, ensure our safety, and take care of the environment. There are a plethora of solutions for pure drinking water to fit any size home and budget. With a carbon water filter, you and your family can rest easy knowing harmful materials are out of your water.

At TreeHouse, we’re committed to helping you make your home healthy, safe, and beautiful. To learn more about these products and to discover more ways to make your home a healthier space, visit our online store.