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TreeHouse will be #HomeInstead this Black Friday

This Thursday, millions of Americans will gather around the dinner table to offer our gratitude for the people, things, and experiences we all have in our lives. In recent years, a new Thanksgiving tradition has emerged - Black Friday. It is, for most retailers, the perfect time to kick start the holiday shopping season and their own sales by opening earlier, staying open later, and offering unbelievable discounts. For the 4th year in a row, TreeHouse is proud to be leading the charge among retailers who will closed for both Thanksgiving & Black Friday.


At TreeHouse, we put our customers, our employees, and our environment first. We believe a healthy home goes beyond the materials used to build the walls around you. A healthy home is one enjoyed with family and friends, one where memories are shaped, and one where life is shared. HomeInstead2 HomeInstead3

This is what the holiday season means to us. We at TreeHouse don’t believe in consuming simply because we can. Our store is open 360 days a year, and we are more than happy to serve our customers on any one of those days. But we feel strongly that spending Thanksgiving and Black Friday at #HomeInstead allows both our customers and our staff the time to cultivate joy and gratitude instead of discounts. HomeInstead4 HomeInstead5

We hope you’ll join us this Thanksgiving at #HomeInstead. Enjoy your homes, your families, your memories, and come Saturday, we’ll be ready to welcome you back.


With our love and gratitude, we wish you the very best. Happy Thanksgiving!

-The TreeHouse Team-