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The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

One of the great things about living in north Texas is the short winters. It gets pretty dang cold in January and February, but for the other 10 months, we do a lot of outdoor living.

So how should you design the outside of your house to take advantage of the weather? TreeHouse’s mission to create healthy and beautiful homes doesn’t stop at the backdoor.

That’s why TreeHouse Plano joined forces with the award-winning landscaping company Southern Botanical. Now we can offer our customers sustainable and beautiful landscape design and installation so they can take advantage of the warmer months.

Here are a few tips from TreeHouse and our friends at Southern Botanical for creating luxurious, comfortable, and sustainable outdoor sanctuaries.TreeHousePlano SouthernBotanical Announce2

Go Native

“Native plants thrive in often challenging conditions, braving dramatic changes in weather and resisting weeds and pests,” says Southern Botanical CEO, Jason Craven.

We couldn’t agree more. Planting native will not only give your plants a stronger chance of surviving, but they require less water and don’t require toxic pesticides.

The landscape professionals at Southern Botanical are experts in sustainable practices and will always advocate for chemical-free lawns and water-wise gardens. They take advantage of zone-hardy local plants, while also making use of the natural hardscape like rocks and boulders. These principles help maintain the beauty of a landscape over time, while helping homeowners save on water costs.

Collect Rainwater

Speaking of water, TreeHouse offers everything you need to get started collecting rainwater. It’s no secret that water is scarce in Texas, so using nature’s spigot is a great way to conserve this disappearing resource. Also, rainwater is free of chlorine and salts and is slightly acidic, which is better for plant and soil health than treated water.

TreeHouse offers small-scale rainwater harvesting materials and installation services to reduce residential outdoor treated water use. Check out our rainwater page for more tips and to schedule a free consultation on how to get started with rainwater collection.

Build the Fun

Games have always been part of backyard activities. Why not plan for them with a landscape design? Bocce ball, cornhole courts, outdoor ping pong, and mini putting greens are all games that Southern Botanical can help you plan for—and install. “We like to say that the fun doesn’t end where the grass begins,” adds Craven.

Get a Fan

Haiku OutdoorWind is nature’s fan, but sometimes the dog days of summer call for more. That’s when stylish ceiling fans and built-in misters help you keep your cool when the temperature isn’t. Wind generated by a fan can also serve as a natural mosquito deterrent if you install one above an outdoor patio. Our favorite fan brand is Haiku, made by Big Ass Solutions. They have a ton of styles to choose from. Plus, their fan motors are durable and the fans can sync up with your smart home systems, meaning you can control them with a swipe of the phone. Here’s our detailed look at Haiku fans.

Add Outdoor Cooking

“No more big stone behemoths from the 1990s,” says Southern Botanical’s Craven. “Outdoor kitchens have evolved.”

Sure, you can add a good old barbecue pit, but just know that you have a ton of options when it comes to designing the outdoor kitchen you want. There are endless varieties of sleek cooktops, accessories, and even “waterfall countertops” for any level of skill from the gourmet chef to the backyard barbecuer. TreeHouse’s kitchen and bath design experts combined with the landscape professionals from Southern Botanical will get you the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Get Comfortable in Style: Fire Pits, Sound Systems, Shade, and Furniture

A comfy place to kick back starts with quality all-weather furniture, but it doesn’t end there. An outdoor sound system, burbling water elements, and dark-sky lighting will add atmosphere. Shading elements—whether it’s a mature tree with a hammock or it’s an elegant arbor—can add comfort and privacy. And fire pits, in styles ranging from rustic to contemporary, create a great place to gather for s’mores and star-watching, even in those colder months.

“Add friends and you’ll have an outdoor haven right in your own backyard,” says Craven. residential-landscaping-2-17-med-sm

We can’t wait to help our customers take advantage of Southern Botanical’s expertise. Call or schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our landscape design experts below.

Check out TreeHouse co-founder, Jason Ballard on Good Morning Texas to walk through TreeHouse Plano and announce our alliance with Southern Botanical.ballar

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