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Smart Home Technology: Fan to Limit A/C Use

From the workplace to our own bedrooms, Americans are addicted to over-air conditioned spaces – a habit that’s not only financially wasteful, but bad for the environment, too.

Meanwhile, air movement – once a pillar of good building design – has been relegated to a mere alternative means of keeping people cool. Instead of opening the windows, we crank the A/C, blasting cold air all over the building, even in rooms we’re not using.

More and more engineers and architects realize the futility of this wasteful dependence in the face of an increased push for environmental responsibility. They’re incorporating natural ventilation into new construction projects, aided by energy-efficient ceiling fans and smart-home systems to limit the overuse of air conditioning. The good news for non-building professionals is that we can benefit from these strategies in our existing home. For example, employing a “cross-ventilation strategy,” as it’s called by engineering types, is as simple as opening windows on parallel sides of the house and turning on a ceiling fan.

Better yet, let the ceiling fan turn itself on. Home automation is really starting to take off, and it’s more than just a neat way to make your life simpler – it can also decrease your drain on the power grid. Think of it this way: Have you ever forgotten to turn off your lights when you left for work?Imagine if your lights could remember to turn off for you. That’s the principle behind smart-home technology.

One company, Big Ass Fans® based in Lexington, Ky., has appliedthat technology to fans. TreeHouse is one of few retailers that carry Big Ass Fans’ Haiku® line of ceiling fans. It’s a perfect partnership – Haiku is recognized as one of the most energy efficient ceiling fans on the market, using just $5 worth of electricity per year on average and saving many timesmore than that by helping reduce A/C reliance.

With optional addition of SenseME™ technology, Haiku is the world’s only smart fan. SenseME’s onboard computer monitors room occupancy, temperature and humidity, and it speeds up or slows down the fan based your preferences and the changing environment. It gives you maximum comfort with minimum effort and unparalleled efficiency.

SenseME can also be programmed to communicate with the Nest Learning Thermostat®, suggesting a higher set point for the thermostat when the fan is in use. America probably won’t give up its dependence on conditioned air anytime soon. However, with Nest and Big Ass Fans, you can be smarter about how you use it. Your body has a natural cooling mechanism – that’s why a breeze feels good on a hot summer day. Why not take advantage it?

Stop by TreeHouse today and learn some more creative ways you can kick your addiction to A/C.