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With Haiku Home, Big Ass Fans goes whole-house.

After reinventing the ceiling fan, Big Ass Solutions challenged its designers and engineers to develop a line of household comfort products that function as one big, beautiful, intelligent system.

Welcome to Haiku Home.

The ceiling fan, once a marvel of efficiency and industrial design, slowly sank into the tar pit of commoditization after the spread of central air conditioning in the 1950s. “There wasn’t a lot of innovation in the category,” says Alex Reed, head of product for Big Ass Solution’s newest division, Haiku Home. “You saw the same old fans—wobbly, noisy motor technology, flimsy particle-board blades.”

But ceiling fans never stopped being one of the most efficient ways to cool people or distribute heat more evenly. In Austin, supplemental fans can drive down energy usage for heating and cooling by 30 percent. A few years ago, Big Ass Fans of Lexington, Kentucky, made fans relevant again through crack engineering and design. The company’s residential Haiku fans have gained an almost fetishistic following thanks to a number of innovations: quiet motors; aerodynamic airfoils handcrafted from bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum; and intuitive sensing technology that automatically starts and stops a fan when you enter and exit a room.

In 2016, Big Ass Solutions introduced Haiku Home, expanding its innovative approach from fans to the entire house. The focus is on the indoor environment—comfort, energy efficiency and intuitive controls. Haiku Home products feature cutting-edge technology and iconic design and deliver conservation without sacrifice.

So far, the new line includes fans, light fixtures and a wall control that synchronizes everything, including compatible connected devices, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. The sleek, four-button Haiku wall control works wirelessly and fits into a standard wall light switch box, making it ideal for new construction or retrofits. The company is working on a radical new HVAC system and other products for its interconnected system.

“We want to build a better home,” Reed says.

The genius of Haiku Home is integration. Everything is designed to work together for optimum performance and minimal homeowner effort. Simply set your preferences, and the Haiku Home products do the rest to personalize your comfort. You may, for instance, choose to have your lights turn off automatically when you leave a room or your fan speed increase as temperatures rise. Here are innovation highlights from Haiku Home’s three inaugural products.

Haiku Home Products


  • Sustainable moso bamboo, composite or polished aluminum foils.
  • Exceeds Energy Star efficiency requirements by up to 1,200 percent.
  • Built-in motion sensors and onboard computer automatically turn fans on when you enter the room and off when you leave and adjust speed based on temperature and humidity.
  • Integrates with Nest or Ecobee smart thermostats.
  • Whoosh Mode mimics cooling breezes by varying fan speed.
  • Sleep Mode automatically adjusts fan speed to match your ideal sleep temperature.Haiku Fan


  • 144 ultra-efficient LEDs with 16 brightness settings.
  • Built-in sensors and an onboard computer respond to your presence: The light turns on when you enter a room and off when you leave. It also detects ambient light and dims when the sun shines. This saves as much as 30 percent in wasted electricity.
  • Adjustable color temperature, from warm amber to cool white.
  • Fully programmable.Haiku Light

Wall Control

  • Works wirelessly and is easy to install in new or existing homes.
  • Four-button design for easy manual use.
  • Synchronizes system and automatically adjusts fans and lights to maximize comfort and efficiency.
  • Capable of connecting as many as seven devices.Haiku Wall Control