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Oceanside Glasstile – From Curbside to Oceanside

In 1992, Oceanside Glasstile was formed in San Diego with the vision that beautiful, unique glass tile could be made from the bottles in curbside recycling bins. Now 25 years into their mission, Oceanside recycles about 2 million pounds of glass bottles every year. In addition to keeping that glass out of landfills, Oceanside has developed a system to return scraps and cutoffs into the manufacturing process, nearly eliminating their own manufacturing waste. Their system has evolved over the years to the point where many of the colors produced today are 95% recycled content.

Tile – Why You Love It

Oceanside 2

Tile is a fantastic building material; it’s durable, beautiful, and made from sustainable elements. The building blocks of glass, porcelain, and ceramic tile are abundant and getting them out of the ground doesn’t typically have a negative impact on the earth. One of the largest environmental impacts from the creation of tile is actually the transportation of the raw materials. Turns out that moving rocks and sand around the country in huge trucks can leave an ugly footprint.

Oceanside has made a real effort to cut down on that transportation footprint. Not only do they use discarded glass bottles to make their tile, they also source at least 20% of those bottles from within 500 miles of their home base. Being in a metropolitan area of over 3 million people has its advantages, like access to a whole lot of free glass.

Artists at Heart

Oceanside puts as much attention and effort to the aesthetics of their product as they do the production. They were recently selected by the folks at Villa Golightly to highlight their show house pool and spa for the Palm Springs “Modernism Week.” The festival seeks to foster an appreciation for mid-century modernism design and architecture, while promoting sustainable building practices and materials. The Villa selected a custom blend using Oceanside’s Aqua color in three different finishes: iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte. The combo created an amazing, ethereal shimmer, a perfect match for sunny skies and blue water, and was appropriately named “Aqua Golightly.” Aqua Golightly

What’s truly admirable about Oceanside is how they’ve brought extremely high standards for sustainability alongside their artistic drive. The custom blend of finishes that Villa Golightly used can be chosen and viewed right on the Oceanside website with a handful of useful design tools.

The flexibility of mixing and matching colors, tile shapes, and finishes is a delight to peruse, and we found ourselves playing with the different design tools WAY longer than we should have. It was just too much fun to see what you could create!

Giving Back

Another aspect of Oceanside that makes us proud to carry their products is their commitment to people in need. Oceanside is involved in a number of charities. Last year they raised over $40,000 for cancer research in San Diego.

Approaching their 25th anniversary, Oceanside isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In a move that highlights their commitment to the production of top-notch glass, they recently acquired two highly respected glass making companies, Uroboros Glass and Spectrum Glass. Both companies had worked together in the past to create world-renowned art glass, and Oceanside is honored to continue their legacies.
Oceanside Hex

At TreeHouse we have the opportunity to connect with people committed to making beautiful things in a responsible way. Oceanside Glasstile already feels like a part of the family, and we couldn’t put it better than they did: We’re a sustainable materials company. A joyful design company. We are many things beyond beautiful tile, and we aspire to a different model of consumption - one that puts social responsibility and personal values on equal footing in the adventure of creating your home.

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