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Introducing: TreeHouse E-Commerce

Treehouse is on a mission to make all homes thoughtful, sustainable, and healthy. Our mission is what drives everything we do. It pushes our staff to work hard to find specific solutions for you and your home. We want you to use less electricity without sacrificing comfort. We want you to be able to breathe deeply in your own home with no repercussions to your health.

Sadly, homes as a sector are the top user of energy and water globally and responsible for a tremendous amount of waste and toxicity. At TreeHouse, we’re working to address these problems as quickly as possible for the health of all homes and all inhabitants of this planet. Currently we have one store in Austin, Texas, which has allowed us to impact thousands of homes, but that is not enough. There are roughly 100,000,000 homes in America, and we need to touch as many as possible as fast as possible.

To that end, TreeHouse is launching a nationwide online shopping experience in order to reach thousands more homes. To help us achieve this, we have compiled a collection of products under two main categories: Healthy Home and Smart Home.

Healthy Home

Stocksy txpc7031087y2F100 Medium 611774The Healthy Home section is a collection of products that will either help remove things from the home that are harmful to human health, or add things to the home that will promote human flourishing. Each and every product helps further our mission of making your home healthier for you and your family, including water filters, air purifiers, and even light bulbs designed to help you wake up naturally or put your baby to sleep. These products have benefits backed by sound science to increase both comfortable and health in the place you spend most of your time - your home.

Smart Home

Smart Home LifestyleOur second category is Smart Home. The idea behind smart home is to use the very best in technology, innovation, and automation to reduce energy & water use or to increase comfort, security, and self-expression. For too long Smart Home products have been gimmicky and advertised as cool and fun to have for no other reason than having them. In response to this, TreeHouse has curated products that add real value and address real issues like energy efficiency, air quality, lighting control, water conservation and personal security. Our team has developed a configuration system to help you choose products that are compatible with the devices and systems you may already have or plan to buy. This is smart home… only smarter.

We’re so excited to bring the TreeHouse mission to homes all across the country, and we hope you’ll join us as we launch the TreeHouse E-Commerce experience. Please enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100 and the following promotions during the weekend after Thanksgiving: