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Haiku Fans: Poetry in Motion

The dog days of summer have arrived. Temperatures are in the triple digits and air conditioners are working hard, maybe too hard. A good ceiling fan can help. While AC does a good job of removing humidity and lowering the air temperature in the house, fans make you feel cooler by circulating air. Wind generated by a fan can also serve as a mosquito deterrent if you install one above an outdoor patio.

Are all fans created equal? Not by a long shot. Our favorite is Haiku, by Big Ass Solutions. They look great and the advanced fan motor makes for a durable, high-tech approach to cooling off.

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Fan Physics

Makers of ceiling fans take advantage of the science behind sweating. When your body warms up (as it does significantly during the dog days), it cools itself by releasing heat through the skin. When this happens we sweat. A breeze actually accelerates the cooling process because it dries the air around your skin, helping to pull more heat away from your body.

According to Big Ass Solutions—the company that makes Haiku fans—their products can make you feel up to 10 degrees cooler. The key, again, is that the moving air gets rid of the warm, humid air that surrounds your body and replaces it with cooler air that can steal more heat and humidity from your body. The more that heat and humidity can leave your body, the cooler you feel. So, the more air can be moved, the more it can help you feel comfortable.

This all leads us to shopping tip #1: If there’s one thing to look for in a ceiling fan, it’s how much air it can move. The more, the better.

Designing the Wind

Fan blades (known as airfoils by geeks like us) are one of the key factors that make for an efficient machine. The other is the motor. In essence, airfoils should have plenty of surface area, and they should be lightweight in order to create as much wind as possible. Makers of the Haiku fan have accomplished both these things, and they’ve made sure to provide several options of colors and styles. In the guts of the fan is a brushless DC motor that spins the blades with top notch efficiency, earning Haiku a consistent placement on Energy Star’s list of most efficient ceiling fans.

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Big Ass Solutions says that the average cost to operate one of their fans for a year runs about $5. Compare that to $10 to $15 per hour to run your air conditioner, and it makes a lot of sense to turn the thermostat up a degree or two, and turn the ceiling fan up higher.

Haiku tech

To top it all off, Haiku fans fits comfortably in a smart home with other connected devices. You can control fan speeds with your phone or with voice commands through Alexa. Nest and ecobee thermostats can sync with Haiku to automatically adjust fan speeds to help cool down or heat up the room. The best part? Buy any Haiku fan before August 31, 2017, and you’ll get a free Amazon Echo Dot to help you control and optimize your new ceiling fan.

The H- and I-series Haiku fans also have built in sensors that can automatically detect temperatures, humidity amounts, light levels, and even the amount of people in a room. Having a party that’s warming the room temperature? A Haiku fan will speed itself up to keep everyone feeling cool. Want to wake up naturally without an alarm clock? If your Haiku has a light kit, you can set a time for the light to slowly turn on and the fan to speed up, waking you up using your circadian rhythm.

Haiku Bedroom

All of this technology gives homeowners a more convenient way to stay comfortable in your home, which is the ultimate goal of any home performance upgrade. Because there’s no reason you should freeze in your home in the summer or spend thousands of dollars just to have a temperate house.

Shopping Guide

Haiku makes four different styles of fans: the L, the I, the H, and the Luxe. The L-series fans are 52-inches and come in black and white only, with a built-in light.
St Jude L Series White Guest 2 2

The I-series fans are 60-inches and made of Haiku’s resilient and waterproof composite material, making them a good option for outdoor seating areas. They also come in black or white.
I Series Black LED

The H-series fan has a more natural look. With airfoils made of Moso bamboo, the same bamboo used for flooring, Haiku’s H-series fans are as sustainable as they are efficient. These fans are available in light caramel or a deeper cocoa color.
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For something a little more luxurious, Haiku’s Luxe fans can be made with aluminum airfoils that have eight different finishes to choose from, including hand polished, Oil-rubbed Bronze, and Brushed copper.
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All Haiku fans sold at TreeHouse come with the Wi-Fi chip installed, allowing homeowners to enable Haiku’s SenseMe technology. Haiku also supplies lifetime warranties on all their fans.

To see all the options in person stop into one of our stores in Dallas or Austin. Now through August 31, 2017 get a free Amazon Echo Dot with the purchase of any Haiku fan.

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