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Cucine Composit — Kitchens With A Conscience

Introducing Cucine Composit

The kitchen is the epicenter of the home. It’s where we sustain ourselves, share time with the family, and make lasting memories. Not only is this the place people come together, but the kitchen is also a confluence of elements - fire, water, earth - and a great starting point for considering our relationship with the environment.

Attentive to the central position of this space, Composit began crafting kitchens in Italy in the 1960s. From a persistent European tradition, Composit cabinetry maintains a close relationship with raw materials to develop innovative and sustainable design. The result underlies the harmony of beauty, health, and ecological ethics. By paying close attention to each step of the production process, the quality of the cabinetry matches its stunning appearance.

Composit Showroom Small

Because of a shared set of principles, TreeHouse is proud to now feature Composit in our recently refreshed Design Studio. While renowned around the world, TreeHouse is the only showroom and retailer in Texas that carries Composit. Today, we will take a close look at what makes Composit exceptional and why you should consider the brand when it is time to update your kitchen.

Efficient Production

When selecting any product to be installed in your home, an understanding of the manufacturing process is your first insight into the product’s overall quality. To develop Composit cabinetry, percolation systems and waste abatement are employed to lower carbon dioxide emissions in the factory. Production derives its energy from renewable sources while monitoring water usage to reduce consumption. 90% of all excess materials are recycled. Packaging materials are made from recycled material and paper is sourced from FSC certified forests.

Precise crafting through traditional and innovative techniques result in seamless joineries and exquisite construction. The artisanal Italian tradition informs a hands-on building process, centered at the same facility in the Pesaro furniture district that Composit has worked at for decades.

Composit Drawer Pull Small

Composit Plate Drawer Small

Non-Toxic Materials

Just like TreeHouse, Composit selects materials that are beautiful, healthy, and sustainable. Their Idroleb ecological panel is the only of its kind, made from 100% recycled wood and with the world’s lowest level for formaldehyde emission. All paint and sealant is VOC-free, making their countertops and cabinetry the cleanest available. Features built into the kitchens are developed with the same rigorous standards in health, safety, quality, and environmental impact.

Composit selects materials that adhere to TreeHouse’s health and safety principles. This means the cabinets are water repellant, free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, and can stand up to serious usage. The level of careful detail permeates Composit’s kitchens and is why TreeHouse is enthusiastic about providing this option for our customers.

Stunning Design

By bringing together mindful manufacturing and beautiful, sustainable materials, Composit kitchens are created to last a lifetime. Composit calls it the “Kitchen of Life,” creating space in the home that sets a tone for a greater relationship with our surroundings. And as Composit so strikingly demonstrates, that relationship can take your breath away. The manner in which Composit enhances space through beautiful and intuitive design clearly illustrates that nothing should be sacrificed when developing a healthy and sustainable home.

Composit designs range from modern European clean and minimal lines to traditional flourishes and comforting homestyle finishes. Each element is modular and completely customizable. However you envision your kitchen, Composit provides a way to create it with better materials and products.

There is a flow to a Composit kitchen that demonstrates an increased thoughtfulness in its everyday application. Composit designs rethink the relationship between different elements of the kitchen - how a sink and cooktop interact, or where the spices should live so you can call them up quickly for your next roux - to elevate the time you spend in the kitchen. You can prepare that dream meal, gather around the center island, or wash the dishes at the end of the night with an ease and comfort of being in tune with your environment.

Composit Backsplash

Leading-edge technological advancements are ever present in Composit kitchens, as well. Intertwined LED lighting, comprehensive and seamless ventilation, and integrated food storage and cooking systems, Composit utilizes design techniques that meld efficiency and sustainability with gorgeous composition.

Composit LEDs Small

Composit Vent Small

Composit Storage Small

A Partnership For The Home and Planet

TreeHouse carries Composit because of a shared aesthetic and set of values. We are encouraged to find that the belief in sustainable, beautiful, and healthy homes is prominent around the globe. Both TreeHouse and Composit believe that a kitchen should be a place of harmony. We believe that the kitchen is the crux of the home and sets the tone for a relationship with our surroundings. A better kitchen can enhance the way we experience one another, the planet, and our next meal.

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