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Beautiful and Sustainable Fireclay Tile

It’s no secret that here at TreeHouse we’re big fans of tile. It’s durable, beautiful, and conducive to good building practices. From a design perspective, it’s also one of the best ways to make a unique and bold statement in your home. Tile can anchor a space aesthetically, and it can do so with confidence.

Finding the right tile can be tricky because there are so many types and styles on the market. But one of our favorites is Fireclay tile. Not only do they offer a wide selection of gorgeous glazes and striking patterns, but every tile is handmade to order in central California with locally-sourced and upcycled materials.

Made in their factory in Aromas, California, Fireclay tile is the product of an innovative business operation combined with a strong commitment to the environment. To cut down on the waste and cost that comes with stocking inventory, each tile is made to order. That sounds like a recipe for slow delivery, but the company has dialed in their production process to come up with an impressive turnaround time of 1-6 weeks.

Fireclay’s commitment to sustainability starts with how they make their tile. They’ve partnered with a number of groups to source materials that would otherwise be headed for landfills. For example, during California’s recent drought, rules were adopted in communities across the state that mandated low flow toilets. This saved a lot of water, but it also produced a lot of outdated porcelain fixtures with no home. Fireclay collect these outdated potties, and have been using their crushed remains in the tile base for years. Most of the rest of the Fireclay tile recipe consists of curbside glass bound for recycling centers or landfills, granite dust from a neighboring gravel plant, and the scraps from their own process.
fireclay recycling Fireclay’s recycling process

Understanding that their responsibility doesn’t stop at the factory, Fireclay packages their orders with 100 percent recycled boxes, sawdust from a local furniture maker, and reused shipping crates. They’ve also partnered with Carbonfund.org to offset 100% of the emissions footprint that comes with shipping tile near and far. At the end of each day, the factory has recycled about 1,200 gallons of water and used 1,250 pounds of recycled materials.

All this talk of recycled toilets and carbon footprints could deter aesthetic minded folks from choosing Fireclay, but that’s the beauty of this product. It’s great for the planet while also being one of the sharpest and most-beautiful design choices on the market. To prove it, we’ve gathered some examples of Fireclay in use in bathrooms and kitchens around the country. We hope you’ll get inspired.

diamond floor2
White tile doesn’t have to disappear into the background. Paired with a contrasting grout color and this eye-bending arrangement, it can really stand out.
Featured tile: White Wash in Small Diamond

loch ness kitchen
The floating shelves and clean lines of the cabinet hardware match this straight set tile perfectly. The rich color feels right at home with warm wood grain and stainless appliances alike.
Featured tile: Loch Ness

yellow kitchen
Few things bring cheer to a room like the color yellow. Set amongst the straight lines of the cabinets and counters, the hexite pattern also brings a welcome feeling of spontaneity to this TreeHouse kitchen.
Featured tile: Daffodil in Hexite

wave kitchen
A soothing, nature-inspired color ties the whites, grays, and browns of this Dallas kitchen together, but the undulating tile pattern really grabs the eye without being showy.
Featured tile: Celadon in Wave

pool house
This pool house kitchen is designed to reflect what lies just outside the doors. Sometimes the hardest thing about matching an interior space with the vibe of the home is picking between beautiful shades of blue.
Featured tiles: Crater Lake and Caribbean in 2x6” and 6” Hexagon

ogee drop shower
We love how this shower feels like stepping into an animated waterfall.
Featured tile: Powder Blue in Ogee Drop

brick fireplace
This cool and soothing subway-style tile is a perfect complement to a cozy fire.
Featured tile: Cotton in Brick

picket kitchen
This meandering braided arrangement is a great example of how versatile tile can be. A straight set style would have a much less organic look.
Featured tile: Sea Glass in Picket

tangerine bathWith cool-temperature grays and blues all the rage these days, it’s refreshing to see a bold warm color like this tangerine in ogee drop pattern. Paired with the clean white cabinets and white hexagon tile floor, the orange is invigorating and eye-catching.
Featured tile: Tangerine in Ogee Drop

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