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A Healthier Home with Dunn-Edwards Paints

At our core, TreeHouse believes that all homes should be sustainable, beautiful, and healthy. The time and care we put into our dwellings can have major benefits for ourselves, our families, and the environment. For the next few weeks, Home School is focusing on ways to build a healthier, safer home so that you can enjoy your shelter with greater peace of mind.

When people come in to TreeHouse and ask what first step they can take in making their home healthier, we recommend a look at interior paint. For years, paint has contained volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can have a detrimental effect on the air quality of a home. According to the EPA, VOCs can cause health problems such as headaches, loss of coordination, and nervous system damage.

VOCs are commonly found in paint due to decades without an understanding of their health effects, as well as the regulation to limit their use. Paint manufacturers utilized materials and chemicals that most easily produced their desired result without the data to realize how such compounds impacted air quality. Today, the country is developing industry standards or tools to measure harmful additives in home products, and TreeHouse stands at the forefront of a national effort to provide safe and healthy means of improving and maintaining your home.

A Brighter Future

The science behind understanding air pollutants is growing more advanced, as are efforts to create products that limit or eliminate our exposure to such dangerous compounds. At TreeHouse, we carry Dunn-Edwards Paints both because of their commitment to eliminating VOCs and because they provide an impressive range of beautiful and affordable paints for your home. Dunn-Edwards is so advanced in their fight against indoor pollutants, in fact, that they adopted leading-edge quality standards to ensure one of the healthiest interior paints on the market.

Dunn-Edwards takes the extra step of recognizing and eliminating Reactivity-adjusted VOCs, pollutants that can form ozone. As we’ve said here before, not all VOCs are created equal. Those compounds noted for their reactivity are especially dangerous. RAVOC (Reactivity-adjusted VOC) measurements are a more accurate and advanced way to identify the effect volatile organic compounds can have on air quality and human health. By targeting specific compounds that adversely impact well-being, you can be sure that Dunn-Edwards is providing a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach to home health.

A Lasting Legacy

Dunn-Edwards’ commitment to quality is in their DNA. Not only have they been manufacturing paint in Southern California for over 90 years, this is a company that stopped producing lead paint in 1954 - 24 years ahead of the curve from the rest of the industry. This proven track record in considering the health of their consumers built generations of trust. And their innovation in the field makes them a perfect like-minded match for TreeHouse. In 2011, Dunn-Edwards built the world’s first LEED Gold Certified paint manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ - and it remains the greenest in the industry.

Dunn-Edwards Group

It’s important to note that with their home base in Southern California, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has the most stringent air quality demands anywhere in the country. Dunn-Edwards’ has had to make cleaner paint way ahead of the rest of the country, exceeding national standards. TreeHouse loves Dunn-Edwards because of its commitment to quality, transparency, and innovation, and are proud to be one of only two dealers of Dunn-Edwards in the state of Texas.

A Beautiful Palette

Dunn-Edwards and TreeHouse both understand that a truly ground-breaking product for the home is beautiful inside and out. So now that we’ve explored the make-up on this paint, let’s take a look at its truly stunning surface.

First, it’s the options: Dunn-Edwards offers 1,996 different colors. No two walls need be the same color in your home… if that’s something you’d like to try out. Compared to the competition, Dunn-Edwards’ colors are brighter and more vibrant, covering a broad range of colors so you can find the exact tone you’ve been dreaming of - or something completely new.

Dunn-Edwards’ 2017 color of the year is Honey Glow and based on their description, it is the color we all need today:

A symbolic marriage of joyfulness and intellect, Honey Glow evokes feelings of curiosity and a natural marveling at the world around us. It represents global and cultural trends toward warmth, the exploration of new territories and celebrating life filled with color.

DunnEdwards COTY WEB

Being in the industry for as long as they have, it’s no surprise that Dunn-Edwards is gifted in describing, and naming, their paints. Some of the TreeHouse team’s favorite Dunn-Edwards paint names include Razzle Dazzle, Heart Throb, Starstruck, and Teal Me No Lies.

At TreeHouse, we’ve noticed a trend toward Dunn-Edwards’ timeless neutrals, which always bring out the best in a room. But if you are looking for some sound advice from our team on how to choose the right paint for you, consider the following words of wisdom from Home Adviser Dave Koloroutis:

My first step would be to think of what the room is going to be used for: office space, music studio, nursery, kid’s bedroom, and so on. Different colors have different affects on our moods and our energy levels. A bright yellow color in your kid’s room might keep them up all night, so perhaps it’s better to go with something more soothing. The next step is thinking about the lighting in your room, if it’s primarily artificial or natural light, the temperature of the bulbs in your room, which rooms get morning/afternoon/evening sun. That’s why I suggest getting samples, it’s the easiest way to test a small swatch of color in tons of spaces across your home to make sure you’re 100% pleased with the result.

Whether you’re testing scores of samples or if you change your mind at the last moment, you can feel safe exploring Dunn-Edwards’ healthy and beautiful paints. You also won’t be breaking the bank, Dunn-Edwards has been a leader in accessible home paints since their inception.

TreeHouse is proud to provide our guests with paint that enhances their homes while keeping them free from toxins and pollutants. You can breathe easy knowing that you’re making the right choice for your home and family. Come into TreeHouse today to see these stunning paints in action.

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