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5 Home Technologies That Can Save You Water and Money

Conserving water has a major impact on your home’s performance, and with affordable new technologies you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to make a change. We should know. Texas regularly has severe droughts (including a record-breaking one only three years ago), so we’ve been forced to get creative with everything from how we collect rainwater to how we flush toilets. TreeHouse’s director of training and education, Mike Kaiser, offers his expert tips on how you can turn your home into an intelligent and efficient water conservation machine.

The Nebia Shower System

Nebia Gallery 3Developed by a Silicon Valley tech startup, Nebia uses its patented H2Micro™ technology to atomize streams of water to actually increase the total surface area of water while using significantly less than a typical shower. Engineered with the same software used to study jet engines, the water is dispersed into precise patterns to envelop the shape of your body. The Nebia Shower System will be available at TreeHouse later this year.

What Mike Says:
“This is one of our newer products and I love it. It’s like a blend between a steam room experience and a traditional shower.”


  • Saves up to 70% of water per shower
  • 10x better water coverage

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain barrels
Collecting rainwater is a reliable way to harvest natural resources to conserve water for plant and landscaping irrigation. On average, a 1,000 sq ft roof can produce about 600 gallons of rainwater with one inch of rainfall. Plus, the water you get is free of chlorine and salts and is slightly acidic, which is preferred by the microorganisms in the soil that help roots take in nutrients.

What Mike Says:
“It’s no secret that water is scarce in Texas, so rainwater collection has been a priority at TreeHouse since we opened. We think it’s a great money saver while also being super healthy for your garden.”


  • A single light rainfall can water an average lawn for weeks
  • Better water quality for your garden

Rachio Sprinkler

01 Rachio Lifestyle WEB
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Rachio allows you to water your lawn with your smartphone. By connecting to the sprinkler system you can customize and automate schedules based on what’s growing where, soil types, different slopes, and sun location. The system also automatically adapts to weather patterns. All of this customization dramatically reduces the amount of water needed to keep your lawn healthy and looking great.

What Mike Says:
“This is a great example of how technology can help us be more sustainable. I love knowing that my plants are taken care of even if I’m out of town.”


  • Better data = saving resources
  • Customize 16 different zones of landscaping

Niagara Conservation Toilets

Niagara Toilet GraphicNiagara is a pioneer in water saving toilets. Their dual flush feature allows homeowners to regulate how much water they need, depending on how nature calls. The design actually eliminates the parts of the tank that require regular maintenance and saves big on water usage compared to a traditional toilet.

What Mike Says:
“Niagara has been the gold standard of low flush toilets for a long time. These products go above and beyond all water conservation requirements.”


  • Saves 63% more water than traditional toilet
  • Different flush for different stuff
  • Simpler design means longer life

Outdoor Native Landscaping

Dallas Outdoor Small
Choosing plants and landscaping that are native to your area can greatly reduce the need for water and pesticides. By using Texas-native plants, your yard will be resilient to the dry, hot summer months and require less water throughout the year.

What Mike Says:
“A lot of people think by going native you might be limited with the types of plants you can work with, but there is a huge selection. At TreeHouse we have people who offer free advice about your landscaping goals. They will even create a design plan to get you there.


  • Texas-native plants typically require less water
  • Local landscapes are easier to care for than out of zone plants

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