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    Efficient fans with beauty and brains.

    What is Haiku?

    The Haiku ceiling fan is the most advanced ceiling fan in the world - reducing your energy use through elegant design, incredible performance, and exceptional efficiency. Because they are made with only the best materials, a Haiku ceiling fan will not only look great but last for decades.


    Redesigned from the inside out.

    Haiku has swapped flimsy particle board blades for aerodynamic airfoils, handcrafted from premium materials such as quickly-renewing bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum. They also eliminated the need for unsightly pull chains by introducing groundbreaking SenseME technology.


    Move more air with less energy.

    Haiku fans’ patented DC motors consume one-third the energy of typical fan motors. Haiku fans are also up to 12 times more efficient than ENERGY STAR® standards require, and they move air eight times more efficiently than conventional ceiling fans.


    Make home feel just right.

    A Haiku ceiling fan can make you feel up to 10° cooler. Because of that cooling effect, you can raise your thermostat to save energy while staying just as comfortable. And your Haiku fan will cool you down without making a sound, as their patented motor is virtually silent.


    Works well with others.

    SenseME allows Haiku fans and lights integrate with partner products like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Amazon Echo.

    How it Works

    Haiku’s SenseME technology allows you to personalize and automate your fan and light settings, so you can stay comfortable and save energy effortlessly.


    Haiku Home App

    Comfort at your fingertips.

    Use the Haiku Home app to conveniently set and adjust your comfort and lighting preferences, group multiple fans and lights, and update product firmware.


    Motion Sensing

    Hands down, nothing’s easier.

    Built-in motion sensors save energy by turning your fans and lights on automatically when you enter the room and off when you leave – no switches necessary.


    Whoosh Mode

    A summer breeze on demand.

    Whoosh Mode mimics cooling natural breezes by varying fan speed.


    Sleep Mode

    The fan of your dreams.

    Choose your ideal sleep temperature and Sleep Mode will automatically adjust your fan’s speed to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the night.


    Smarter Cooling

    Lower the temperature and your energy bill.

    Smarter Cooling allows you to save energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal, while keeping you comfortable, even when temperatures soar.


    Smarter Heating

    Your heat comes full circle.

    Smarter Heating saves you energy during colder months by gently pushing the warm air collecting near the ceiling down to your level, reducing the burden on your heater.

    Which Haiku is Right for Me?

    Best Value

    L Series


    • Available in black or white finishes
    • Available in 52”
    • Equipped with a built-in LED light
    • 4X Energy Star Efficiency

    I Series


    • Available in black or white finishes
    • Available in 60”
    • 8.5X Energy Star Efficiency
    • Equipped with SenseME technology

    H Series


    • Available in light or dark bamboo or polished aluminum finishes
    • Available in 52”, 60”, and 84”
    • 12X Energy Star Efficiency
    • Equipped with SenseME technology

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