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About Us

TreeHouse is a home upgrade company specializing in home renovations and energy-saving performance projects to make your home more beautiful, healthy and sustainable. We only use sustainably-sourced materials, which means every project we do not only makes your home look and feel better, but makes it smarter, more efficient and healthier for your family and the environment. TreeHouse is the end-to-end solution for all your design and renovation projects—from kitchen and bath, windows, and flooring to smart-home technology and solar panels—and we can work with any budget. Join hundreds of TreeHouse customers who’ve loved working with us to upgrade their homes into beautiful, environmentally-friendly spaces.

A Better Home

For our most pressing environmental and human health challenges, all roads lead to the home. The home consumes the highest amount of our natural resources, such as water and energy, produces the largest amount of landfill waste, and is where we will be exposed to the greatest number of toxins in our lifetime. By working to solve these problems, TreeHouse finds new routes to dramatically change the quality of our lives. We can build better shelters for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Home improvement is in need of a rethink. Products and services often fall short of our needs and expectations in quality, health, and sustainability. As a result, homes are not built with human beings and our surroundings in mind. TreeHouse is reinventing home improvement with the twin goals of ecological and human health.

Our core principles are applied to everything in the store. From thoughtful and innovative products to comprehensive, high-quality services - every element is designed to build a better home.

Our Roots

Growing up in a small town in Southeast Texas, our co-founder Jason Ballard developed a personal connection with the pine forest, coastal prairie, and “big thicket.” In exploring nature, he learned the intricate ways in which humans and the planet rely on each other. At the same time, nearby petrochemical refineries clearly demonstrated the degradation that people can bring to the environment and their own health.

Jason studied ecology and biology to understand the underlying causes of environmental and human health issues. He learned that our impact on the natural world and our own lives are immediately affected by our approach to one of our most basic needs, shelter.

While working in green building along the front range of Colorado, Jason sprouted the idea for TreeHouse. He wanted to build a place that enabled and empowered people to reimagine their homes toward a true north of sustainability, beauty, and health.

Looking Ahead

TreeHouse grows through a commitment to our values. By caring for people, communities, and the environment first, we can fundamentally change how millions of people relate to the world around them. This idea motivates us to keep going, to branch out and continuously find new ways to build a better business.

TreeHouse is implementing a research-based, vertically-integrated approach to our products and services. Technologies like VR will allow us to reimagine the way we work on your next project. New methods in data analysis are helping us understand the home in exciting ways. Our knowledge of materials is evolving quickly to enhance the beauty, health, and sustainability of your home.

Come in to TreeHouse today and we can build something great together.